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This series of small tables with brushed steel frame and mosaic top 45x45 cm is available in five heights (45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm and 105 cm). The project centres on the simple idea of forming ideal crossword puzzles and sentences with the letters on the mosaic top. The game merges a clearly conceptual flavour and a decidedly Pop style with the appeal typical of Alighiero Boetti and letter puzzles dear to children. Alfabeta is like the ABC: its initial simplicity peaks in a poetic aesthetical game targeted at making the interior design of every environment - both public and domestic - more colourful, warm and entertaining. Developed in two basic colours for each letter of the alphabet, every small table can be enriched and chromatically changed to meet the client's taste. In tune with Akomena's tradition, every piece mirrors the mosaic's uniqueness and the quality of the most refined contemporary design.

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