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Mosaic + animal-like decoration: this is Animal Skin's original combination. These 80x80 cm modules feature four possible motifs - giraffe, zebra, leopard and tiger - produced in two basic colour combinations - black/white and yellow/black - that can be either extended or changed as required by the client. The project, whose typical feature is remarkable graphic simplicity, adapts to unusual indoor and outdoor furnishing solutions. In fact, module combinations can form either the realistic illusion of a large carpet or an apparently casual patchwork, whose motifs vary as patterns and colours are interwoven. The idea calls to mind a game between nature and artifice, between the illusion of softness (reference to animal skin) and the hardness of the mosaic's tesserae. Refined and amusing, Animal Skin is the ideal accessory both for those who love minimalism and for those who prefer cosy sophisticated atmospheres. Ideal for both a loft in Tribeca and a patrician home in the country.

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