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Starting in 2011, the "AKOMENA LAB" project, sponsored by the Department of Culture of Ravenna,
is an educational programme for children, divided into two pathways, both involving playing with mosaic art:

The Magic Circle”, aimed at schools,
a morning in the workshop to create a genuine object in which to imagine
and give expression to a thought, a desire, a dream..

"Batti5" a five-day summer workshop
where, through experimentation with a variety of techniques in succession,
it is planned to foster the skills, in educational and creative terms,
of analysing and remodelling “their workmanship".

June and July
Monday to Friday
from 9 to 5

for more information: francesca 333 33 97 3 89




a mosaic
made of toys
by Marzia and Mattia Babini
(6 years old)