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The reference to Pop Art is a must when it comes to Pop. Coloured flowers in "Un fiore per te" ("A flower for you"), cheerful hearts in "Amore Mio" ("My Love") and Snow White's apples in "Belle come il peccato" ("As attractive as sin"). The genuinely playful ironical element enlivens environments where one wishes to play down the interior design typical of rigorous minimalism. Pop elements depicted in mosaic tesserae and black silicone flatter contrasting materials and emphasize the difference between intentionally elementary forms dear to contemporary imagination (hearts, flowers and apples) and soft highly gestural lines. Each piece, which is unique in a way, is developed in a wide range of chromatic variations. The three models' diameter is 33 cm, with an additional 55 cm for the panel 'Amore Mio'. They can be used either as single furnishing accessories or repeated in a matching sequence to enliven spaces with a chorus of cheerful entertaining brightness.
Amore mio!
Un fiore per te!
Bella come il peccato!
32x38 cm small
50x58 cm big
diameter 32 cm
32x32 cm